Gus was very helpful and wonderful to work with.

Gus was incredible, he really is the best at what he does.

Really enjoyed the call now it is time to execute some of the ideas.

If You're Looking To GEt A Web or Mobile App Built here's How the process Works...

We Keep It Simple With 2 Methods of Development

  • AGILE: For user who have a general idea about how their platform should work and function, are open to budget changes and want to continually improve the platform.
  • WATERFALL: This is a very strict process with all features and designs pre-defined. Very few changes and modifications after initial sign off. 

Regardless of which method you prefer...

The First Step is to book a call so we can talk more about your project and discuss:

  • Overall "Big Idea"
  • Competitors
  • Budget Expectations
  • Time Frame (yesterday, right!) 
  • Design Inspiration

From there if we decide to take on your project then you'll be invited to our internal team resources where we will continue our communication, feedback, progress, updates and more.

Communication: Some clients like to have daily, weekly or monthly update reports so depending on your style we can create a communication schedule specifically for your needs and project.

Payments: We generally work in 3 milestones so if your project is $30,000 you would have 3 payments of $10,000.  

Deliverables: All work will be delivered with you as owner, full rights and ownership. During development we work in all of our own repo's, libraries, accounts and then once we're ready for production we'll push everything over to your accounts. 

If all of this sounds good...

are You Ready To Find Out How Much your PRoject Will Cost?

Let's set up a time to talk so you can tell me a little bit about what you’re looking to build.

You don't have to have everything figured out, just a general idea of what you want to build.

...I'll understand what you're trying to accomplish.

If we are interested in taking on your project then we'll get the ball rolling.

I'll even give you a price quote on our phone call (as I can plug everything into MISSION CONTROL while we talk.

I've done this so many times, I know how long it's going to take and what it will cost.

On the other hand, if we're not interested (as I have to be picky on the projects we take on) I’ll let you know that too...

However, I’ll also get you a list of some recommend developers who I think might be a good fit for your project.

So either way you’ll have a plan...

My team doing your project or someone who I know which can.

Schedule a call and let’s see what happens!

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