Here's HOW We Build Successful platforms... Every Time!

Gus was very helpful and wonderful to work with.

Gus was incredible, he really is the best at what he does.

Really enjoyed the call now it is time to execute some of the ideas.

  • Are you frustrated because you've spent hours and hours searching for teams or developers to work on your project?
  • Ready to pull your hair out with all of the back and forth (because of the language barriers) between you and the developers?
  • Feel like you're never going to find the right person or team to really understand what you want to build?

If this sounds like you...

You're in the right place because 17 years ago I too, was in your same exact situation.

Before offing my services to clients like yourself...

I was a self-funded entrepreneur who developed all my own ideas and businesses.

Everything that is happening to you I've already been through and not just once, but over and over again.

Then one day I decided. 


...and I put a plan in place so I'd never be put in a bad situation by a developer or team again.

This "plan" has now evolved over the years to what I call...


It's like nothing you've ever heard of or seen before.

...and it's revolutionizing how software and platforms get built.

Here's how it works...

There's 3 main components which make everything we do possible...

  • My Library of Code which contains the actual code, video and written documentation for every feature we’ve ever built, all organized and tagged.
  •  A database of every developer who has worked for me with internal ratings, hours, notes and earnings for that specific feature so we already know how they will perform.
  • The Puzzle which creates a project development board in real time and shows us which features need to be completed first, if any dependencies exist and an extremely accurate estimation on how much and how long it will take to complete.


Millions of lines of code, hundreds of modules, scripts, snippets, API's and integrations developed over the past 17 years... all ready to go!

These are all of the code bases, modules and scripts which we’ve developed over the past 17 years.

It allows us to quickly find and deploy the exact feature we need for your project.

Here's a quick preview at some of our features and modules...


Admin Dashboard

Super Admin Dashboard

SaaS Dashboard

User Roles

Audio & Video

Live Streaming

In Browser Video Editing

Video Storage

User Portals


Video Libraries



Custom CMS

Page Create & Editor

Multi-Domain Publishing

Content Monetization

Site Search

Content/File Sharing

On Page SEO

Spreadsheet Uploads


Database Architecture

Modeling & Normalization


Data Monetization

Real-Time Integrations

Sharing & Storage

Visualizations & Reporting

Automated Appends


Referral Management

User Generated Content

Reviews Management

Contacts Management

B2B Data Search

Support Help Desk


Tool Tips/


Landing Page Builder

Video Message Pages

Creator Monetization




Payment Processors

Custom Shopping Carts

Unique Checkout Pages

Reporting Dashboards

User Access Portals

API Integrations

Order Management

Bar Codes

Sales Funnels

QR Codes

Product Management

Social Selling

Social Networks





URL Sharing

Auto Posting


Dev Ops


Google Cloud



GIT & Repositories


CI/CD Pipelines


Machine Learning/AI


Sentiment Analysis


Semantic Analysis

Image Analysis (OCR)

Visual Search & Identify

Data Mining


Data Validation

Face Recognition

Intelligent Automation

Filtering & Reporting

Internet of Things (IoT)







OTP Codes

Encryption Layers

Reporting Dashboards

RSA Keys

Database Security

Authentication Apps

Bar Codes





Form Builder

Custom Autoresponders



Push Messages

Sales Funnels

QR Code Landing Pages

In Browser Calling

2 Way Email/SMS

#2 Database of DEVELOPERS

Sure, the code is great to have but that’s not the most important thing.

The #1 thing is...

The Developers

Which is why I have a network of over 350 developers and designers who I’ve personally worked with over the years (they are the original Builders and Editors of the Library of Code).

Now, I don’t want you to think we're this big company and there’s thousands of people in 20 different offices.

We’re not.

We’re a mid-size operation…

A handful of project managers, lead developers, and  administrators.

The rest of our team is pulled on-demand for the exact feature or module your project will need.

Which means the guy or gal who originally wrote the code is the one who’s adding it and making it work on your project.

The've done the same exact work before.

I like to think of us as the Navy Seals of the Development world.

Get in, Get the job done, Go home.

Once you submit your ideas and vision we plug all of the modules you’ll need into the final piece which is called...


THE PUZZLE uses AI and (with precise certainty) tells us...

  • How long your project will take to build
  • How much it will cost to build
  • Which developers we’ll need to spin up.

All of this makes it pretty simple for us to build your project using trusted developers and mature code.

So why you’re trying explain to your your developers what the feature should do, sending them examples of websites, stack overflow links and dribbble screenshots.

I only have to click a button.

Are you starting to see how we can build more efficiently and affordably than just about anyone else?

If so, then the next question I have for you is...

are You Ready To Find Out How Much your PRoject Will Cost?

Let's set up a time to talk so you can tell me a little bit about what you’re looking to build.

You don't have to have everything figured out, just a general idea of what you want to build.

...I'll understand what you're trying to accomplish.

If we are interested in taking on your project then we'll get the ball rolling.

I'll even give you a price quote on our phone call...

I've done this so many times.

I know how long it's going to take and what it will cost.

On the other hand, if we're not interested (as I have to be picky on the projects we take on) I’ll let you know that too...

However, I’ll also get you a list of some recommend developers who I think might be a good fit for your project.

So either way you’ll win.

My team doing your project or someone who I know which can.

Schedule a call and let’s see what happens!

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