Gus was very helpful and wonderful to work with.

Gus was incredible, he really is the best at what he does.

Really enjoyed the call now it is time to execute some of the ideas.

These Clients Turned Thier $20k, $50k &100k Investments Into Millions of Dollars With These Software Businesses



Private company wanted a full blown CRM because they were tired of paying for Salesforce, couldn't get Keap or Pipedrive to work without a bunch of plugins and extensive development. Data security was a major factor in their build and their overall cost savings was around 50K per year while improving user adoption.


Home Improvement franchise wanted a simple, automated way to capture video reviews from their happy clients and then be able to automatically add these video's to their social pages, websites and landing pages. After launch franchise decided to add SaaS functionality and created an additional revenue stream


SEO Company wanted to be able to generate a list of businesses in any city in the world by category so they would always have a prospect list. We built a platform which generates a business list of their top prospects in real time and complete with website, social media profiles and phone number.


A high level coach reached out to us as she wanted to build a custom portal where she could quickly upload video's and create pages for her content. We also add the ability for her to communicate via SMS or video chat (1-to-1) or (1-many) for her personal sessions or group webinars. Exponential growth was achieved through the simple referral module which rewarded her current clients for sharing.


A large company with a community of clients wanted to be able to make it easy for their clients to be able to monetize their skills. We built a creator platform which allows users to create profiles, add products, pricing, chat and much, much more. Their community is now thriving and growing exponentially as the visitors now have a path which goes from learning to earning.


Entreprenuer wanted to create a platform which allowed people to upload videos for special events (birthdays, graduations, etc) and then stitch all of the video's together to create the perfect "video gift". From automated request campaigns to video editing and more this platform has taken off by catering to clients who want that "one of a kind" gift for that hard to buy for person.


Private company wanted to build out an employee reward platform so they could share job openings, special deals, coupons and company information on their social networks reaching a trusted audience. Goal was brand awareness but had turned into a steady source of new leads and opportunities.


A small town advertising company wanted to create an app where local businesses could upload their deals and coupons so people would have a simple way to access them instead of having to look through val-paks, classified ads in the newspaper or hopefully seeing the deal on TV or hear it on the radio. 


A large auto group wanted to build a referral platform which actually would generate leads. We built a process and platform which was automated and needed only a few hours a month to run. Referrals poured in and now they are one of their top sources of leads. They are now selling this platform as SAAS.


Private tech company needed a very specific flow and all of the other PM tools could not be customized so we built them a unique platform which allows them to do and see exactly what they need. User adoption and efficiency was greatly improved while streamlining their internal processes.


This company reached out as they needed a support desk for their clients. We built a very robust email and ticketing platform which would manage tickets by status and pipeline views while allowing a better than ZenDesk experience for their agents.


Entreprenuer wanted to start a company which sells B2B data and leads so with my experience in this industry we built him the best platform out there, showed him how and were to compile the lists and who the main buyers would be.


Entreprenuer had a huge audience for secure file sharing of sensitive data. We built a SaaS based web and mobile app platform so users can upload, share and comment on files and information. Very specific and detailed architecture (higher than top secret) was deployed to secure, insulate and back up the platform.


Owner of a high ticket business wanted a simple way to reach out to his missed opportunities outside of his CRM and have a real, honest conversation with them at scale... and without giving out his personal phone number. We created a one-to-one & one-to many platform using SMS and voice.


Software development company was running hot and didn't have time to build out the infrastructure so they reached out and our DEV-OPS team created a one-of-kind platform so they could white-label and resell their software with 15 minute deployments to any domain name.


Paid Ads company needed to be able to build out similar content web pages so they could drive keyword specific traffic to these websites. We built an 1100 domain platform which used tags, replacers, rotation and SEO features to not only have unique content but also get these site ranked.


Recruitment company wanted to build automated resume builder as their lead magnet so they could offer their additional services and products. We built them a unique platform where a person could upload or create resume, landing page and much more. OCR was used to scan and identify data.


Investment group saw an opportunity in a very segmented and growing audience for a on-demand video chat. We build a web and mobile app which would allow the visitor to connect with the right person based on number of qualifying factors. They have since moved into other verticals and markets.


Auto group wanted to make it easy for clients to send in additional paperwork and documents for lender approval. Built a web app using SMS and email to expedited the docs, communication and overall process flow.


Would love to tell you about this project but due to NDA's I can't.


Would love to tell you about this project but due to NDA's I can't.

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