The Secret Feedback Tool For Business Owners Who Want The Truth

We own multiple businesses and my biggest challenges was always trying to find out the real reason someone didn’t buy from us.

Sure, I could have listened to my mangers and sales people explain why they didn’t buy but I knew it was only half the story. 

Because we were always trying to improve and not finding anything close to what I wanted to actually do...

I built my own internal feedback tool which allowed me to reach out to these “missed buyers” via email, sms or even call and get the truth directly from them.

This tool was my little secret and helped me realize where we could improve, where we had gaps in our training and even identify patterns with employees.

Plus, I was saving 2-3 deals per month and adding $100,000 per year profit added to my bottom line which was otherwise marked as “LOST” by my staff. 

This was possible because…

  • I had a simple tool to reach out.
  • I could do so anonymously without using my personal/business cell or email.
  • None of my staff knew I had it.

Once you show it to other business owners they instantly “get it” and the best part of selling this is...

The only person you’re targeting is the business owner so you don’t need to spend time and money figuring out who your ideal buyer persona or avatar is you already know who it is.

Assets Include

  • Full source code.
  • Figma design for both web app and landing page.
  • Code documentation on both platform and PHP framework.
  • How-to guides and manuals for both user and admin with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.
  • All marketing assets including templates, funnels, content, images and ads.

Your QUestions Answered

What language is your code written in?

This platform is built in PHP with a mySQL database. We write all of our own code so we can get it to do what we need it to do and are not dependent on external libraries which makes for very little maintenance.


How much can I customize it?

You will own the source code so you can customize it as much as you want.


How many copies are you selling?

Ideally 1 due to our team's time constraints but maybe 2.


What about support and maintenance?

You'll get a 30 day code warranty but as far as ongoing support and maintenance you'll need to find a developer (we're including full documentation and code test). I'm considering allowing you to host the application on my network and infrastructure (would be about $20/mo) as a courtesy, but we can talk about this if you're offer is accepted.


How much will it cost me to run?

Figure $20/month for hosting and then $25 per month for emails, SMS and Voice rates are .001 per message and based on use. Adding a new user is less than $2 per month so it's pretty much all profit.


How much did this cost to build?

I've spent over 20K to build this platform out.


How much will I make with this?

It really depends but I think a fair goal to shoot for is $30K within 6 months. I was selling it for $2500 so 10 or so clients is all you need.


To purchase, simply click the button and we'll send over the sales agreement and payment information.

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