Generate Business Lists From Your OWn Database Of 80 Million Contacts & Resell For PROFIT

HEre's How YOU'll Make a Ton of Money Reselling B2B Data

Sell Unlimited Access With 3 Plans:

  • Daily 
  • Monthly 
  • Yearly

1. First, I'd go on every platform like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and set up a profile so I could start sending messages to people who are offering SEO, Web Development, Social Media services letting them know they can do outreach with your lists.

2. Once those were set up, I'd get a list of every start-up which has been funded in the past year and send them an email letting them know they can have access to millions of records.

3. Then I'd go on social media, find every B2B marketing company and offer them yearly access so they can "resell" the lists to their clients.

4. From there I'd reach out to every PPC or Social Media Marketing company and offer them yearly access to the data so they can upload the lists as "Custom Audiences" and get exponentially better match rates on their social campaigns.

5. Finally I'd pick 10 industries which sell to companies (who have mass market products like OSHA posters, IT Services, Lighting, etc.) and send 100 emails per day to these businesses. 

Assets Include

  • Full source code.
  • Database of 100 million B2B records
  • Figma design for both web app and landing page.
  • Code documentation on both platform and PHP framework.
  • How-to guides and manuals for both user and admin with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.
  • All marketing assets including templates, funnels, content, images and ads.

Your QUestions Answered

What language is your code written in?

This platform is built in PHP with a mySQL database. We write all of our own code so we can get it to do what we need it to do and are not dependent on external libraries which makes for very little maintenance.


How much can I customize it?

You will own the source code so you can customize it as much as you want.


How many copies are you selling?

Ideally 1 due to our team's time constraints but maybe 2. Data sales is a billion dollar a year business so there's enough for a few people.


What about support and maintenance?

You'll get a 30 day code warranty but as far as ongoing support and maintenance you'll need to find a developer (we're including full documentation and code test). I'm considering allowing you to host the application on my network and infrastructure (would be about $50/mo) as a courtesy, but we can talk about this if you're offer is accepted.


How much will it cost me to run?

Figure $50/month for hosting and then $15 per month for emails and that's about it. Adding a new user is less than $1 per month so it's pretty much all profit.


How much did this cost to build?

I've spent over 40K to build this platform out. The goal was to make it simple to use so I wouldn't need to provide a lot of support just send the users their login credentials and let them access the data.


How do I update the data?

The google and technology data are updated automatically so there's nothing you need to do. The SIC code and 80 million database is updated in real time but because the files are so large you'll only need to update this every 2 years or so. It costs about 5K to update the entire file each time and we do that in-house for you.


How much will I make with this?

It really depends. When I was in my heyday selling data I was making 60K per month and I only had a few lists for sale. With this platform you'll have much more data, but also there's more competition. I think a fair goal to shoot for is $25K within 6 months and then once you get it figured out it's simply how fast can you scale from there.


To purchase, simply click the button and we'll send over the sales agreement and payment information.

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