Perfect Walkaround

“How To Get Every Customer On A Demo Drive”

Ex-Psychologist Turned Car Dealer Reveals The “Walkaround Formula” Which Makes It Impossible For People To Say No To A Test Drive


Until you get your prospect on a demo drive… you’ve got nothing!

This walkaround was developed by an ex-psychologist and triggers your prospects “follow the leader” subconscious brain and gets every customer on a test drive.

We have condensed the entire walkaround formula into 4 quick and easy pages so you can be doing “PERFECT WALKAROUNDS” in just a few minutes — regardless if you just started or have been in the car business for 30 years!

Included with the “PERFECT WALKAROUND” are additional word tracks and insider tips that will show you how to trigger your buyers “emotional hot buttons”… and get them to say “YES”!

If you want to learn the “secret” and get every customer on a test drive comment on my FB post with YES/NO and then link to your referral sign up page or how I would send you a referral and I’ll email you a complimentary copy of the “PERFECT WALKAROUND” today…

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